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Open Heart Workshops—Being in the True Joy All the Time
Information for Open Heart Workshops given around the world.
Learn the importance of the heart and the key to our connection to the Source of Love and Light. Realize the difference between heart and mind. Strengthen and pray from your heart and understand the true purpose of life.
Open Heart Workshops

The Heart Sanctuary Organization is a non profit 501(C)3 created for the purpose of educating and supporting the public to realize and benefit from the experience that living a heart centered life is the key to a calm, peaceful, healthy, joyful and fulfilled life. There related information about the nonphysical heart, view a movie about the heart and how to make a donation.  Offers 4 levels of Workshops.
Heart Sanctuary

Online meditation to open your heart, to share The Love as Divine Instrument, to help others to open heart more to True Source or


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