Oct 2016 Black Mountain Retreat MY 2Prep, MY 2-1, MY 2-2


2016 Retreat

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Oct 7Arrive

Oct 8 MY 2 Prep

Oct 9 MY 2 Prep Day 2

Oct 10 Day OFF

Oct 11 MY 2-1 Day 1

Oct 12 MY 2-1 Day 2

Oct 13 MY 2-1 Day 3

Oct 14 MY 201 Day 4

Oct 15 Day OFF

Oct 16 MY 2-2 Day 1

Oct 17 MY 2-1 Day 2

Oct 18 MY 2-1 Day 3

Oct 19 MY 201 Day 4  Retreat Ends

Welcome to the Autumn 2016 

Padma Sejati Retreat
in Beautiful Black Mountain, North Carolina

The retreat workshops will be held in the Washburn Center
at the Blue Ridge Assembly, Black Mountain, North Carolina



Padma Sejati Workshops

MasterYoga 2 Prep, MY 2-1 and MY 2-2 will be offered. 

The advanced level workshops have many requirements.  By going to the password protected link below, you can view requirements, prices, discounts, etc. for MasterYoga 2 Prep, MY 2-1 and MY 2-2.

START THE REGISTRATION PROCESS: (Use the following link ONLY if you are attending MY workshops 

To register click HERE and enter the password.

 *The password to enter this page is being emailed to our MY 1-5 mailing list 7/30. If you do not receive the password by 7/31 (Asheville time:)), please email ashevillereikitummo@gmail.com and include the highest level workshop you have attended,  date and location.

Please email ashevillereikitummo@gmail.com for information.

Thank you and see you soon!