Secrets of Natural Walking

A Physical and Spiritual Path to Health           Bamboo forest

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A Natural & Effective way to promote health and healing

Awaken the natural functions of your body.

Hippocrates Father of Modern Medicine

            Hippocrates the Father of Modern Medicine states:

               “Walking is man’s best medicine”

               With SONW Therapy, Hippocrates’ famous phrase can become your reality.

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Why is Secrets of Natural Walking So Effective?

Secrets of Natural Walking (SONW) is natural walking therapy, giving benefits for body shape, health, internal organs, thoughts and mood without any side effects. SONW is beneficial for people of all ages including seniors, and for those who are ill as well as those in good health.

We do not walk properly

All of the known benefits from walking that science has discovered are only a minor part of the true benefits we can achieve because most people still do not walk properly. What’s the proof? Look at the soles of your shoes, for most people the left and right soles are worn out unequally. Measure the size of your calves. For most people, the shape and size may not be the same because they do not use both sides of their body equally. This is why what should naturally happen when we take each step cannot happen properly.

Natural Healing Abilities

Our body is specially designed and created and is equipped with countless natural healing abilities. Grazed skin or a broken bone can naturally mend itself. However, because of the improper way we walk, use our body, and our improper posture, many of these natural healing abilities are not functioning the best or are even completely blocked. Our bodies are also equipped with a natural way to correct and reactivate this healing in the most natural way through something most humans do everyday. What is that? WALKING


  • Corrects, rejuvenates and refreshes all parts of our body
  • Tones and shapes our body
  • Improves our body posture, metabolism and digestion
  • Improves the quality of sleep and the ability of our body to heal itself naturally
  • Cleanses and calms our mind
  • Cleanses negative emotions and thoughts from our subconscious
  • Opens and calms our heart more completely
  • Improves swelling, blood sugar level, and leg or knee pains



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