2014 Meals

 Black Mountain, NC Autumn Retreat..offsite food venues

               The Blue Ridge Assembly will be providing all of our meals (3 meals per day).  The cost of meals is included in your lodging registration.   Meals will be served in a lovely dining room, buffet style and will consist of vegetarian and seafood fare.  You will have the opportunity to specify your food needs.

If you are not lodging at the retreat site, and would like to order meals in advance, click HERE to reserve meals (coming shortly).
lunch in the dining hall

 If you choose not to dine onsite, there are several options for eating in Black Mountain.  Hopey & Co., (formerly known as, and still searchable by the name Amazing Savings) is 2 miles (via Blue Ridge Rd.) from the facility.  It is a large
market with organic produce, and bulk and packaged foods (including GF), as well as a lunch and smoothie bar.
3018 US Hwy 70 West (State St.)

             There are a number of small restaurants on and near State Street in historic downtown Black Mountain.

            You will also find lots of craft, gift and outdoor oriented shops.  If you like music, be sure to check out Jerry Read Smith’s Song of the Wood Hammered Dulcimer shop on State Street.  His music and his dulcimers are well known and very heart sweet.